How To Uninstall AVG Toolbar

These days, every other free program comes with browser toolbars and other programs. While most of the programs out there offer an option to not to install the toolbar, some free programs automatically install toolbars along with the main software that you’re willing to install.

AVG Toolbar

And the worst thing is that some browser toolbars can’t be completely uninstalled from the Control Panel. To get rid of some toolbars, you even have to download a good third-party uninstaller program.

Computer users who frequently install free programs probably aware of AVG toolbar, a free browser toolbar from the team behind popular AVG Antivirus software. Installers of many free programs offer you install AVG browser toolbar for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome browsers. If you don’t pay close attention while installing free programs you end up installing these browser toolbars.

About four months back, we covered in detail on how to completely uninstall Babylon toolbar from your PC. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to uninstall AVG toolbar from your PC. Fortunately, you can completely uninstall AVG toolbar without taking the help of third-party uninstallers.

To remove AVG Secure Search and AVG Toolbar and revert all changes done by AVG Toolbar and Secure Search you need to perform following steps:

Method 1: Uninstall AVG Toolbar from using the inbuilt uninstaller of AVG Toolbar.

Step 1: Launch Internet Explorer desktop browser. Please note that you need to launch Internet Explorer browser only even if you have set Google Chrome or Firefox as your default browser.

Step 2: Click on the arrow button that appears next to the AVG logo in the AVG Toolbar area.

AVG Toolbar Windows

Step 3: Click Uninstall AVG Security Toolbar option.

Step 4: Select Remove the toolbar and AVG Secure Search option and then click Ok button to uninstall selected items from your PC.

Method 2: Uninstalling AVG Toolbar with the help of official AVG Toolbar Remover program.

Step 1: Visit this page of AVG and download AVG Toolbar Remover program.

Step 2: Run the downloaded AVG Toolbar Remover program.

Step 3: Click Accept button when you see the license agreement screen and then click Continue button to begin uninstalling AVG Toolbar from your PC. Please note that when you click Continue button AVG Toolbar Remover will automatically close all running browsers. Make sure you have saved your work, if any.

Step 4: One Toolbar Remover completes its business, you will see the following screen:

Click Exit button to close the program. Good luck!


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