How To Shutdown Windows 8 Quickly By Changing Power Button Action To Shutdown

The lack of easy access to shutdown, hibernate, sleep, and restart options in the newest iteration of Windows operating system has forced many users to install third-party Start menu programs, pin shutdown and hibernate options to the Start screen, and also add shutdown, restart, and hibernate to the Windows + X power menu.

While it’s possible to reach shutdown, hibernate, sleep and restart options (also known as power options) by pressing Windows + I hotkey and then clicking arrow keys to navigate to power options, this solution may not sound good for those who prefer to access power settings with a click.

Shutdown Windows 8 quickly

What most Windows 8 users and reviewers have forgotten is that it’s actually possible to shutdown or hibernate Windows 8 with a press! As some of you know, Windows lets you configure the power key/button (the power button that we use to turn on the PC) so that you can use it to shutdown, sleep or hibernate your Windows by pressing the power key once.

If you find that the the default location of power options in Windows 8 isn’t in the right place, and instead want to configure the power button to perform shutdown, sleep or hibernation, below are the steps that you need to follow to successfully change what the power button does when you press the same.

Step 1: Switch to the Start screen, type Change what the power buttons do, switch to Settings filter in the Search charm to the see the result and then press Enter keys to open Settings Settings window where you can alter the default settings of Power, Sleep and lid settings.

Change Power Button Action in Windows

NOTE: If you’re on Windows 7, type Change what the power buttons do in Start menu search box and then press Enter key.

Step 2: Here, next to When I press the power button, select Shutdown or Hibernate option from the drop-down menu. We advise you select the option that you use the most. And if you’re on a notebook, netbook, tablet or desktop with a battery (UPS), we suggest you select the same option (shutdown or hibernate) under both On Battery and Plugged In.

Change Power Button Action in Windows 8

Step 3: Finally, click Save changes button. That’s it. From now on, you can simply press the power button to shutdown or hibernate your PC.

If your PC comes with a dedicated Sleep button, you can change the default action of Sleep button under Power Options. Follow the above mentioned instructions, and in Step 2, select an action next to When I press the sleep button as hibernate, sleep, or shutdown.


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