Add Or Remove “All Apps” Button From Windows 10 Start Menu


The “All programs” button in Start menu has been renamed to “All apps” in Windows 10. Every PC user knows that clicking All apps or All programs button in the Start menu displays all installed programs/apps in Windows operating system. If the All apps button is missing from Windows 10 Start menu or if you […]

Fix: Blank Start Menu Tiles In Windows 10


By default, most of the tiles on Windows 10 Start menu display the name of the app or program with its icon. Some apps support live tile feature and automatically refresh the tile on the Start menu to display latest content. Like other new features, the Start menu in Windows 10 is not free from […]

Start Menu Repair Tool For Windows 10


The return of the Start menu is certainly one of highlights of Windows 10 operating system. But the Start menu comes with its own share of problems. The Start menu in Windows 10, although works great most of the time, at times, it doesn’t open at all when you press the Windows logo key or […]

“All Apps” Button Missing From Start Menu In Windows 10


Most PC users often use the All apps (previously known as All programs) button in the Start menu to quickly view installed programs and apps. As you likely know, the “All programs” option has been renamed as “All apps” in Windows 10 and appears at the left bottom of the Start menu when you open […]

File Explorer Icon Missing From Start Menu In Windows 10


With default settings, Windows 10 displays File Explorer icon in the lower left side of the Start menu as well as in the taskbar so that users can quickly launch File Explorer. While File Explorer opens to Quick Access by default, you can configure the File Explorer open to This PC. In Windows 10 and […]

How To Disable App Suggestions In Start Menu In Windows 10


With default settings, Windows 10 occasionally displays app suggestions in the left-side of the Start menu. As you can you see in the picture below, Windows 10 is suggesting me to install the TouchMail app. As said before, app suggestions appear in Start menu occasionally, and you will not see app suggestions each time you […]

How To Add Another Column To Start Menu In Windows 10


Windows 10 supports a total of four sizes for Start menu tiles: small, medium, wide, and large. One can change the size of a tile by right-clicking on it, selecting Resize, and then clicking one of the sizes. With default settings, the Windows 10’s Start menu displays three columns of app tiles, if tiles size […]

How To Pin Websites To Start Menu In Windows 10


The Start menu in Windows 10 can be used not just to pin apps and programs but also pin folders and websites. While pinning programs and folders are supported out of the box, pinning websites to the Start menu is not a straight-forward job though. Pinning a program or folder to the Start menu is […]

Three Ways To Use Start Menu Search Filters In Windows 10


The Start menu or taskbar search is fairly good in Windows 10. While there is no dedicated search box on the Start menu itself, there is a search box by default on the taskbar. One can also access the Start menu search without clicking the search box or search icon. One needs to simply open […]

How Do I Add Search Box To Start Menu In Windows 10?


At first, the Start menu in Windows 10 looks different from the Start menu in Windows 7 and earlier versions. The new look is largely because of app tiles on the right-side of the Start menu and slightly because of the absence of the search box. Both Vista and Windows 7 would display a search […]