How To Access Sign Out And Lock Options In Windows 10


After negative feedback from large number of PC users for not providing shutdown or power button on the Start screen of Windows 8, Microsoft added a power or shutdown button to upper right-corner of the Start screen in Windows 8.1 Update. Now that the Start menu has re-introduced with Windows 10, accessing shutdown, restart, hibernate […]

Classic Shell For Windows 10


The new Windows 10 operating system is full of small but useful features and enhancements. The one major visible feature of Windows 10 is Start menu, the feature which was missing from Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. The Start menu in Windows 10 is a bit different from what we have seen and used to […]

Windows 7 Style Start Menu For Windows 10


The Start menu, which was missing from Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, has finally returned with Windows 10. Even though the Start screen is very much present and one can enable the Start screen in Windows 10 with a few mouse clicks, the all new Start menu is turned on by default on traditional desktops […]

Windows 10 Start Menu For Windows 8/7


Over the past week, a number of screenshots and videos of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 (internally codenamed Threshold) have been leaked to the web, revealing new features and improvements in the next major version of Windows operating system. As expected and shown previously by Microsoft, Windows 10 includes a Start menu but it’s not the […]

You Can Disable The Start Menu In Windows 9


About three years ago, that is on 13th September 2011, Microsoft first released the Developer Preview version of Windows 8 to the public, the first official preview version of Windows 8. Though it was possible to enable Start menu in the Developer Preview by editing the Registry, Microsoft fixed the workaround soon after that. While […]

4 Simple Reasons Why Windows 9 Will Be A Big Hit Like Windows 7


Millions of PC users are eagerly waiting for the next version of Windows. Now that Windows 8 and an update to the same have failed to impress most PC users, it’s obvious that Microsoft will try to ship the next major version of Windows operating system as early as possible and will try its best […]

How To Get Windows 9 Style Start Menu In Windows 7/8.1 Right Now


This post was published ever before the release of Windows 10. We request you visit Windows 10 Start menu for Windows 8/7 article for exact looking Start menu. We all know that soon after the release of Windows 8, a bunch of third-party free and paid programs were released to disable the newly introduced Metro […]

Classic Shell 4.0 Released For Windows 8.1


Classic Shell is not just a program designed to add Start menu to Windows 8/8.1, rather it’s a program developed to restore many of the classic features that have been missing in the newest version of Windows. The good news is that Classic Shell has been updated with new features and improvements, just in time […]