Transform Vista Taskbar Into Windows 7 Taskbar[How To]

I am starting my guide with this three-letter word. After working for almost 2 hours I got this Windows 7 taskbar on my Windows Vista. As you might know, Microsoft has introduced a new taskbar for Windows 7 which is completely different from Windows Vista. I was looking around to remove the text from taskbar and finally succeed as well.

So, below is the guide to get Windows 7 taskbar on Windows Vista.
1. Download and install EnhanceMyVista from here.
2. Open EnhanceMyVista , go to Customization > Taskbar and select “Iconize your taskbar” option.

3. Save and close the program. Reboot your system.
4. Now, right click on taskbar, select Unlock taskbar. Once again right click on the quick launch area >View> select “Large Icons”.

5. Drag the top corner so that you can get a large taskbar like Windows 7.

6. After dragging it to the Windows 7 taskbar size, right click on taskbar and lock it.

7. Download this AERO VG theme and install it using any free software.(Read  How to install third party themes in Vista for more reference).
8. You are done with the new Windows 7 taskbar.

9. Enjoy!!

If you have any doubts , feel free to ask by leaving a comment. Don’t copy from Into Windows!!



  1. Prithvi says

    This does work.
    But everyone knows this already……
    I wan’t a perfect replica of the windows seven taskbar(Superbar)… : (

  2. Cristal says

    PLEASE Answer me Forgive this what i am going to type Next it is To Make you see my comment i really need an answer : !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Does This Task Bar makes vista run faster ?

  3. Anon says

    Funny… People actually want this “feature” on Vista and XP. It sucks so bad that I change the settings on the real Windows 7 to make its taskbar behave like the one on Vista and XP. What used to take just one click on Vista and XP now takes two clicks and a long wait between them in Win7! I’m so glad I don’t have to hack Win7 to get it back to the one-click system of Vista and XP 🙂

  4. vedat says

    when I put my mouse over that pictogrammes, I see no housing around the block file.
    sorry for the bad english

  5. John says

    Even after this procedure, you don’t get the Internet page previews on the taskbar like in Windows 7. You do get a single preview, but Windows 7 allows you to have multiple previews and jump to any currently open web page from the task bar. That’s the main Windows 7 feature that people are looking for in Vista.

  6. lauren says

    what do you mean by: ‘5. Drag the top corner so that you can get a large taskbar like Windows 7’? What are you meant to drag? I’ve managed to unlock taskbar ect but now I don’t get what I’m meant to drag?

  7. lauren says

    what do you mean by: ‘5. Drag the top corner so that you can get a large taskbar like Windows 7’? What are you meant to drag?

  8. Ong says

    i dont know why but it just does’nt work on my computer.using windows vista home premium SP2.when i tick “iconize your taskbar”,reboot and when the computer starts the taskbars’ tabs(the ones you see when a program is opened)become so small that you cant see the words.

  9. Bella says

    Thank you so much, the steps were so easy to follow.
    Just one question though, When i right click on my toolbar it doesn’t show an options “view > large icons”. Is there any other way I can make the icons larger?

  10. Steve Bliss says

    I’ve just tried this on my Vista SP2 system followed all the instructions, theme is loaded but the taskbar DOES NOT work in the slightest – anyone any ideas?

  11. Hans Peeters says

    I don’t know whether you are still working on this.
    I was looking only for a way to ‘iconize’ the Vista taskbar (7 style), although the program overall looks impressive !!
    I have followed the instructions on your site but, on my computer is does not work. I have to say however I am using a Spanish Windows Vista.
    Could this be the problem?


  12. Matt says

    everything worked perfectly and i thank you for that but when i put my mouse over the minimized windows it doesnt show me a preview of the opened window…any ideas?

  13. shend says

    The color in too windows 7 on the taskbar that i will on the taskbar in windows vista how i do it

  14. jamie says

    i have done all of the steps you have layed out to get the windows 7 theme taskbar and it has not worked. any idea why this would be???

  15. win7fan says

    i have the real thing. just download vistaglass and use it.and download the official theme to get it just like the real one.

  16. Chuck says

    This does not work .. I mean the tut does, but none of your themes work in Vista Home Premium. They all say “Invalid themefile” …

  17. Nealo says

    “4. Now, right click on taskbar, select Unlock taskbar. Once again right click on the quick launch area >View> select “Large Icons”.”

    I don’t the option “View > Large Icons” and I am running Vista 32?
    I’m a bit confused =-S

  18. NoX says

    If you REALLY want to make Vista look like Windows 7, go here and you’ll be amazed!

    NOTE: Since Vista SP2 came out, the theme along with the other changes you make from the link above will not work. There will be an SP2 update released so just bookmark the site and check back frequently for the update.

    Cheers! 😉

  19. Afro Ninja says

    wait, so do i have to download the enhancemyvista pro or can i get the free version?

  20. admin says

    Big Willy,
    If you don’t like the new superbar (taskbar), right-click on taskbar > properties > select Use small icons. And also select Never combine option from the drop down Taskbar buttons option.

  21. Big Willy says

    How do you change Windows 7 into the regular taskbar? Can’t stand the new one, Can’t see crap unless you move the mouse over it! Step backwards in my opinion.

  22. admin says

    Apurav, unfortunately, there are no applications avaialble to make Taskbar button larger. You can use a small taskbar theme which suites with the icons.

  23. Apurav says

    Please help me!

    Is there any way to make the application icons on the taskbar larger. I mean large quick launch icons (look cool though) and small application icons look strange.

    Thanks in Advance though!

  24. wouter says

    evrything except the start button worked perfectly
    (i mean that i’ve seen the beta of 7 and the button is different of the one of vista and the skin doenst change the button)

  25. Ken Mason says

    Unfortunately, EnhanceMyVista is not stable on x64 Vista Ultimate. The app crashes each time it’s run, with a Windows Explorer message that it’s closing the app down.

    Can anyone comment on this?

  26. chris says

    Ahh ok I use Firefox and it doesn’t really affect it that much, it does make it slightly bigger I just tried to find a happy medium. For me was size 22.

  27. admin says

    Thanks.But,the problem is Minimize,maximize and Close button of explorer.They look odd if you change those settings.

  28. chris says

    If you want it all the same size as your quick launch bar go to personalise, window colour and appearance, open classic appearance, open advanced, in items choose active title bar and increase it to about 22 and apply. Restart and they will be bigger and in some cases give you a better looking icon somehow.

  29. Leo says

    The taskbar buttons of the open applications are still small. So then you see the big buttons of the quick launch along the small ones of the open applications. Not good. Not Windows-7-like.

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