Chameleon 4: Change Window Color Based On Temperature, Battery Level, and Time Of The Day


As you likely know, we here at IntoWindows love customizing Windows operating system. Over the years, we have reviewed hundreds of quality applications that let you customize Windows in one or other way. You can go through our 25 free customization tools for Windows 7 and 15 free customization utilities for Windows 8 guides to […]

Sticky Tiles: Best To-Do List App For Windows Start Screen


In most of my previous articles on Start screen, I have said that Start screen is the main attraction of Windows 8/8.1 and one of the many features introduced with Windows 8. The updated Start screen in Windows 8.1, without a doubt, offers more features and options when compared to the good old Start menu. […]

How To Remap Keyboard In Windows 7/8.1 Using SharpKeys


I own a mid-2013 MacBook Air. Most of the time I use my other Windows notebooks to get my work done. I power on my MacBook Air occasionally to install any available updates for both Windows 8.1 as well as Mac OS X (installed Windows 8.1 using BootCamp), and sometimes to learn a thing or […]

Install And Manage Cursors In Windows With Cursor Commander


We here at IntoWindows love customizing Windows and free tools that allow us to customize Windows operating system. Back in the days of Windows XP, I used to customize almost every part of the OS with the help of resource editing tools. Even though I have stopped installing third-party visual styles and transformation packs on […]

360 Total Security Review And Free Download


I have been a faithful user of Kaspersky Lab products for many years and have been running one of the Kaspersky security products on all of my PCs. Every year, I purchase Kaspersky Internet Security license available for 3 PCs and install the latest available version to make sure that my PCs are protected by […]

How To Create Partition Wizard Bootable USB


When it comes to partitioning a hard disk drive or solid state drive, Windows users have plenty of free and paid tools to choose from. Most of the free tools out there offer similar functionalities, and hence, it’s really difficult a pick a good one from the list. Ever since I discovered Partition Wizard Home […]

5 Useful Free Tools For Dual Boot Users


Installing a version of Windows in dual boot with another version of Windows is very straight-forward if you know how to partition a HDD/SDD and install Windows. Likewise, installing Windows on a Mac has become much easier, thanks to the Boot Camp Assistant. In this article, we are going to talk about four very useful […]

Quick Crypt: Encrypt Single File In Windows 7/8


Prior versions of Windows Vista operating system, including the now half “dead” Windows XP, didn’t include drive encryption system and users had to rely on third-party tools like TrueCrypt to get encryption feature in Windows. This changed with the inclusion of BitLocker Drive Encryption in Vista to encrypt data without the help of third-party tools […]

Download Glary Utilities Free 5.0 To Optimize Windows 7/8


I am not a big fan of system optimization utilities. In fact, I haven’t used a system optimization tool ever since I purchased a new system about three years back. I feel that Windows 7 and Windows 8 don’t require these third-party tools, especially if you know how to keep your Windows optimized with the […]

Download Avast Free Antivirus For Windows 7


Antivirus software is one of the first things we all need to install on a new PC in order to secure our PC and data from viruses, trojons, hackers, and other threats. Even though, in a recently published interview, Symantec’s (Symantec is the maker of Norton and McAfee) senior vice president has said that antivirus […]