Baidu PC Faster: Optimize Your PC


When it comes to the web search in China, there is no competitor to Baidu. In fact, it’s often called the Google of China. The fact that over 80% of online search is being done through Baidu search should give you an idea about the popularity of Baidu in China. In addition to the Internet […]

Top 4 Free Folder Locker Software For Windows


None of the version of Windows operating system allows you lock individual folders with passwords. In simple words, you can’t password protect folders without the help of third-party tools in Windows. Although there is an option to hide folders, the feature is of no use as most Windows users are aware of this feature. Users […]

Windows Tweaker: Elegant Tweaking Tool With 100+ Advanced Settings


Over the last six years, we have reviewed no less than 200 Windows tweaking and customization utilities. Most of the tweaking utilities that were released soon after the release of Windows 7 don’t offer full support for Windows 8 and Windows 10. If you are looking for a free utility to alter the default settings […]

SecretFolder: Free Folder Locker For Windows


Windows operating system doesn’t offer an easy way to lock individual folders with passwords. Although it’s possible to hide folders in Windows, we can’t password protect folders. The BitLocker Drive Encryption feature is not suitable to lock individual folders. While there are plenty of third-party software around for the same job, the problem is that […]

How To Create Portable Version Of Vivaldi Browser


Ever since we published our first article on Vivaldi browser on last Friday, a number of readers have shown interest in the new web browser. The new web browser is definitely going to be a popular one among geeks in a few months from now. After going through our short Vivaldi browser review article, one […]

Installing Vivaldi Browser In Windows


In one of our earlier posts, we talked about new Vivaldi browser, a browser from former CEO and co-founder of Opera. The desktop web browser is elegant and is very promising. Although Vivaldi is currently available for all major desktop operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux), in this guide, we will show how you can […]

Download Vivaldi Browser For Windows


The web browser market for desktop operating system is already crowded with popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Project Sparton (the new web browser in Windows 10), Chrome, Firefox and Opera. In addition to these major web browsers, there are dozens of lesser known browsers available with variety of features. But if you’re not […]

Download EasyRE Windows 10 Recovery ISO For Free


Resolving Windows boot errors might sound like an easy job but it’s not easy as it sounds. As you likely know, there are limited number of “working” software out there to deal with Windows boot records and partitions. Since boor errors don’t allow you boot into Windows operating system, you will have to use live […]

MiniTool Partition Wizard 9 Free Released


If you have ever searched for a true disk partitioning software for Windows operating system, you probably are familiar with the name MiniTool Partition Wizard. And if you haven’t heard about MiniTool Partition Wizard yet, it’s certainly one of the best free partitioning software available for Windows. Partition Wizard 9 We here at Into Windows […]

doPDF Free: Create PDF Files From Any Windows Application


Portable Document Format or PDF is the most preferred format when it comes to sharing documents. The advantage of PDF over other formats is that there are tons of applications available to open PDFs on every mobile and desktop operating system. In addition to that, you can share PDF files without losing the formatting. One […]