Set Custom Resolution On Windows 10


Changing screen resolution in Windows operating system has always been easy. On Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1, you just need to right-click on desktop and click Screen Resolution to view the current resolution and switch to a different resolution. On Windows 10, Microsoft has changed the procedure by moving screen resolution options to Settings app. […]

WhatsApp Desktop Client For Windows


WhatsApp requires no introduction! If you own a smartphone, you probably have installed WhatsApp app. The cross-platform messaging app is so popular that it’s hard to find a smartphone without WhatsApp app these days. About three months ago, WhatsApp officially launched WhatsApp Web service to let users access WhatsApp from computers as well. Users just […]

CloneApp: Free Tool To Backup And Restore App Settings In Windows


If you ever re-installed a version of Windows operating system, you know how tedious the job is. While Windows OS can be quickly installed using USB drive as bootable media, installing all applications again and configuring them to our liking requires a lot of patience. As you know, most of the third-party software out there […]

FocusWriter: Good Distraction-Free Writing Tool For Windows


There are plenty of free tools around that offer full-screen, distraction-free writing environment for Windows users. While some of the popular word processing tools such as Microsoft Word can also be used as distraction-free writing tool by tweaking its default settings, dedicated distraction-free applications offer more options and are actually free-to-use. FocusWriter FocusWriter is a […]

Pushbullet Portal: Transfer Large Files From PC To Phone


I have been using the popular Pushbullet app to see text messages, phone calls, and WhatsApp messages on my computer. As many of you likely know by now, the Pushbullet app can also be used transfer files from your computer to your phone with ease. Those of you who regularly need to transfer large files, […]

5 Lesser Known Features Of TeamViewer


The TeamViewer software suite, as the title may suggest, is mainly designed for online meeting and remote troubleshooting. Although TeamViewer 10 is officially available not just for desktop operating systems but major mobile operating systems as well, it’s largely used on Windows and Mac. There are millions of users around the world who use TeamViewer […]

IObit Uninstaller For Windows 10


Anyone who has ever used a Windows PC will tell you how easy it is to install and uninstall applications in Windows. Although one must be watchful while installing free applications these days to keep unwanted offerings at bay, most of the applications can be uninstalled via the Control Panel without any issues. Although the […]

10 Free Tools To Tweak And Optimize SSD On Windows


There are plenty of users who have installed Windows OS on SSD. A friend of mine recently asked me to suggest a good SSD optimization software for Windows operating system. As I am primarily using HDDs on my desktop and laptops, I decided to search the web for good free SSD optimization tools. A quick […]

Secret Disk: Create Password Protected Invisible Disk On Windows


Windows operating system doesn’t include an easy way to password protect hard disk partitions or folders. The native BitLocker Drive Encryption although is a solid feature to protect your sensitive data, it’s not present in all editions of Windows. There are some third-party encryption software out there and many of them are actually free. Users […]

ESET AV Remover: Completely Uninstall Antivirus Programs From Windows PC


Most of the antivirus and internet security software out there are easy to install and uninstall on computers running Windows operating system. While installing, we just need to click a couple of next buttons, and to get a program uninstalled, we simply need to navigate to Programs and Features, right-click on the antivirus or internet […]