Difference Between Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional & Ultimate Editions

As you know, Windows 7 available in a total of six different editions: Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate editions. Starter and Home Basic editions aren’t available in retail stores and they ship with PCs in select regions only And the Enterprise edition is only available for Enterprises.

So, end users need to choose between Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate editions. As the name suggests, the Home Premium is designed for home users, the Professional oneย  is for professionals who need advanced features such as remote desktop and location aware printing. The Ultimate edition is for users for users who need or who would like to have every feature present in Windows 7.

Microsoft recently announced Windows 7 pricing and upgrade options. Now that we have Windows 7 pricing and upgrade matrix, let’s check the difference between the most wanted Windows 7 editions: Windows 7 home premium, Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate.

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Since Windows 7 upgrade program and Windows7 pre-order program started already, you might want to check out the suitable Windows 7 edition for you.

Below is the official chart that shows you the difference between Windows Home premium, Professional, and Ultimate editions.

Difference between Windows 7 home premium, Professional and Ultimate

As you can see, location aware printing, domain join and group policy controls, remote desktop host, advanced back-up, and encrypting file system features aren’t present in the Home Premium edition and is available only in Professional and Ultimate editions. To get features such as BitLocker and BitLocker To Go, AppLocker, DirectAccess, BranchCache, and MUI language packs you need to go for the Ultimate edition.

You can always upgrade from your current Windows 7 edition to a higher edition without losing installed programs and settings. Check out our how to upgrade from Windows 7 Home Premium to Professional or Ultimate edition guide successfully upgrade to the powerful Windows 7 edition. One can also downgrade from one Windows 7 to another edition with the help of Windows 7 Downgrader tool

We also encourage you check out how to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 guide.



  1. Mark says

    Sick and tired of Microsoft, I have Vista and want to upgrade to 7. Heard it was half decent, but new windows o/s is coming out in a year so I will hold off until then.

  2. Harry says

    Windows 7 is the most usefull of current operating systems. Its a shame it must be ordered online and is not available in most major retail stores. Windows 7 pro and ultimate offer remote assistance and more network features if your an IT tech. I agree that an operating system should only cost $40 home add $10 for pro and $20 for ultimate. They would sell more computers and virtually end illigal copies. Its sad that you can buy a computer (3 gig dual core with 4 gig ram and 500 gig HD for $150 with Windows 7 Pro installed when it cost about that much for Windows 7 Pro alone.

  3. mukesh says

    dear sir,
    my pc working on windos 7 home in lan network now i want to chang my os that is windos 7 professional what can i chang and work properly without changing a lan seting

  4. Viktor says

    Then i on PC,i it do every one across Boots.Lose time for
    repair PC it is no normal.That i have: Tune Up PC and Power
    Suite.My problem,that i not wont to do new stand Windows.
    I buy always in last Year new programs and to do new registry it is no very good gift.

  5. tony says

    Upgraded from Home Premium to ultimate in my new SONY. Does not work. ELink, SONY’s support system reformatted back to Home Premium. Its a joke. Cannot upgrade!

  6. Joe says

    You forgot a major difference in the Windows 7 editions, the amount of RAM it accepts.

    32-bit is maxed out at 4GB of RAM for all editions
    For 64-bit it’s:
    Starter: 8GB
    Home Basic: 8GB
    Home Premium: 16GB
    Professional: 192GB
    Enterprise: 192GB
    Ultimate: 192GB

  7. GARETH says

    just upgraded from home premium to professional on anytime upgrade.it sent product code to my email but the ***** thing installed it before i could type in.it says profesional now BUT HOW THW FUCK CAN I BE SURE PEOPLE,ANYONE PLEASE RESPOND CLEARLY A SURE WAY TO TELL CAUSE AT THIS TIME I THINK IV BEEN BENT OVER!!??

  8. Derek says

    windows 7 home, premium and ultimate is the worst operating system in the world. face it windows has always sucked. but every other version of windows – vista especially was okay. microsoft destroyed there already destroyed name when they came out with windows 7. so many internal software glitches within every single version. professional is one of the worst especially when it comes to the new software needed to be ran for smartphones. example – kies. windows doesn’t allow it to happen. not without a lot of work anyways. the ultimate edition is even worse for this. if people want an os that works properly and will actually perform the tasks you need it to do. linux or mac.

  9. Johnno says

    A really helpful article. Extremely easy to follow – unlike the official Windows site and absolutely no information on the Dell website when you are thinking of buying one of their pc’s with this pre-loaded. Thank you !

  10. OneMore says

    Thanks for work done, this list is more detailed than at Microsoft (my “site” link points to MS windows compare page), but there is one important feature mentioned at Microsoft, which is missed here:

    “Windows XP mode” (not supported for Premium Edition).

    For someone, who has a couple of apps incompatible with Win7, which are still necessary for work, it may make a difference.
    If the blog author takes time to update the table, it will add more value to this great article.
    Many thanks again!

  11. Chav says

    actually there is differences in the amount of ram each limits to for usage. look around dont get fooled.

  12. Roy Hedrick says

    What is the real differance in the Windows 7 systems. Why would I buy a larger program what would it give me? Is it something that I would appreciate?

    Thank You,

  13. Michael Melvyn says

    my computer has Windows 7 Home Premium built in however I upgraded my computer to Windows 7 Professional a few months ago and i love Windows 7 Professional better than Windows 7 Home Premium it has to do with security and users

  14. Gatsheni Ndlovu says

    deffinately gotta be WINDOWS ULTIMATE for the ultimate user!!! i luv the searching facility, it sure does save me alot of time!

  15. Luke says

    Damn. There is absolutely no need to buy more than Home Premium unless you want to create a Windows 7 computer network..

  16. bingo says

    JULIE Windiows 7 is a second edition of Windows Vista which have better mwmory management!

    So what ever you have had in windows Vista is the equal but smoother in Windows 7!

    That i s the difference!

  17. Talib says

    guys, use *nix os and save your money,
    ubuntu is the best for n00bs like me, as far as windows app, you can still run it via WINE,

  18. Eddie says

    I found this via a search with Google. I had been to other sites but this one shows the differences very clearly and in a concise manner. Well done! Looks like I need the professional upgrade since I’ll likely need to use the remote desktop host option on the professional version. Could have done with a cost saving though! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. felsiya says

    wow… i wanted the difference bw windows7 professional and ultimate.. now its very clear… well done

  20. Chase says

    Julie: there is a desktop icon; its right beside the date/time. bottom right corner ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Julie says

    Not sure what I feel about Windows 7, kinda seems boring. Vista had the desktop thing going on where if you wanted to go back to the desktop just one click and your there. It’s like I have to read too much stuck to navigate through Windows 7. It’s only been a few hours. I’ll be back..LOL!

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