How To Add Gmail To Windows 10/8 Mail

Photos, People, SkyDrive, Maps, Calendar, and Mail are some of the modern apps that ship with Windows 8 and Windows 10. Obviously, the Mail app lets you see all your email accounts in one place. The Mail app supports all popular webmail services like, Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo mail.

Add Gmail To Windows 8 Mail Step

Even though the Mail app is not as powerful as Outlook or Windows Live Mail, it does the job very well. There are some basic features missing from this version of the Mail app. For instance, you can’t directly print a mail from the app and you can’t even add an account using POP or IMAP. To print an email, you need to copy the contents of the mail to your Notepad, Office or any other other applications and then use print feature of the application to print your email. Microsoft will definitely improve this app in coming months.

Add Gmail to Windows 10/8 Mail app

If you have a Gmail account and would like to add your account to Mail app, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Switch to Start screen and then click on Mail app to launch the app.

Add Gmail To Windows 8 Mail

Step 2: You should now see the Hotmail account that you have previously configured during Windows installation. To add a new account, move the mouse cursor to the upper right corner of the screen to view charms with system commands.

Add Gmail To Windows 8 Mail Step22

Step 3: Click on Settings to view setting for Mail app. Click on Accounts and then click Add an account to see options add Gmail or Hotmail or Exchange account.

Add Gmail To Windows 8 Mail Step3

Add Gmail To Windows 8 Mail Step4

Add Gmail To Windows 8 Mail Step5

Step 4: Click on Google. You will be asked to enter your email address and password. Once done, click on Connect button to synching the account. You are done! Within a few seconds, you should be be able view all your mails.

Add Gmail To Windows 8 Mail Step6

Add Gmail To Windows 8 Mail Step7

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  1. m says

    i can log in gmail vial google website but cannot add account via mail microsoft. says password or email didnt work.

  2. elizabeth says

    I am trying to add a second gmail account and I simply cannot do it! It appears my first account with the name changed. I have been here more than 45 minutes without being able to do it. Isn’t it suppose that each time you are doing it easier? Up till now I don’t wee it.

  3. Marshall Letter says

    In windows 8.1 I am unable to retrieve my recent incoming email in one of my gmail accounts. My other gmail account works fine. Any explanation for this behavior?
    Thank you!

  4. hamad says

    just use the ( Application-specific passwords ) option in Google security section choose name for the app that u want that cant use 2 step verification for example i named it ( windows 8 g mail ) save it and it will generate random password for for that specific app that cast use 2SV codes , just copy paste it . no need to disable anything : cheers i hoped this helped u guys

  5. Sam says

    Thank you everyone! I was getting the error saying it couldn’t verify bla bla bla and it was because I had the ‘calendar and contacts’ box check marked. Thank you, Steve as yours was the first comment I read and the solutions worked instantly!

  6. Steve says

    Just spent 45 mins on this, changing the 2-step verification back and forth on the gmail accounts page. What eventually worked was with 2-step turned off, sign in with the update calendar and contacts unticked! Don’t know why I had to untick it, but worked for me 🙂 Good luck

  7. tiffany says

    this didn’t work for me either. it keeps saying to ensure the information i entered is correct. well i even went on my cell phone and changed my password than re logged in just to make sure my info was up to date and accurate and than reset the comp and it still wouldn’t take my gmail information. windows 8 has been NOTHING but crap, i HATE it

  8. Matt says

    This doesn’t work for me; there is no “accounts” option when I go to the settings page. This is probably because I did not set up a Microsoft mail account–Microsoft says my Gmail address is already used for a Microsoft account I must have, but I have no awareness of this, and therefore have no idea what the associated password must be. I guess the only solution for me to get Gmail to work on Windows 8 Mail is to first set up a new Microsoft Mail account? I don’t WANT a Microsoft email account; that’s the whole point!

  9. steven says

    I have tried this several times, I have a gmail account that has all of my contacts saved on it, and my windows 8 pc/ phone now needs them since I just updated to a windows 8 phone, if this does not work telling me its wrong username or password. I am not dumb, and I wouldn’t have messaged you if I haven’t checked it seventy times. is there something else I have to do ether to my gmail account, or to windows 8 settings to ensure this will work?

  10. Graham Frewin says

    If you have 2-step verification, just create an application-specific password in your Google Accounts page, works perfectly.

  11. Scott says

    I do not have 2-step verification enabled, and it still will not let me register GMail in the program. It times out and then asks me for “Server Address”, Domain, and Username.

  12. Adrian says

    This does not work for me. I believe this is because I have 2-step verification activated and windows 8 has no way to let google ask me to add the windows 8 mail client to it’s allowed applications list.

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