How To Install Extensions In Edge Browser In Windows 10

Microsoft Edge, the new web browser in Windows 10, is one of the best web browsers out there for Windows 10. The Edge browser is fast, offers an easy-to-use layout, works wonderfully on both traditional desktop as well as touch devices and more importantly, it’s miles ahead of Internet Explorer.

The support for extensions was one of features PC users were asking for ever since the release of Windows 10. Microsoft has finally updated the Edge browser to support extensions. The latest build of Windows 10, which is 14291 right now, allows you install extensions for Edge browser. In short, you can now add new features and personalize Edge browser as you wish.

While there are limited number of extensions available for now, the number will get a boost once Microsoft releases a Windows 10 build with Edge extensions support for public.

Install Edge browser extensions

If you can’t wait to install and use extensions, here is how to download and install extensions in Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10.

Step 1: Open Edge browser. Click the More, (three dots) located top-right of the browser window (see picture below), and then click Extensions.

Install Edge Extensions in Windows 10 Step1

Step 2: Click Get extensions link to visit the official extensions page.

Install Edge Extensions in Windows 10 Step2

Step 3: Scroll down the page to see available extensions.

Step 4: Click on the Download button to download to download an extension.

Install Edge Extensions in Windows 10 Step3

Step 5: Once downloaded, either click on the Run button that appears once the download is completed, or navigate to the folder where the extension is saved and then double-click on the extension to install the same.

Install Edge Extensions in Windows 10 Step4.1

Install Edge Extensions in Windows 10 Step5

Step 6: Once installed, open Edge, click on More (three dots), and then click Extensions.

Step 7: Finally, click Load extension button and then navigate to the folder where the downloaded extension is saved.

Install Edge Extensions in Windows 10 Step7

Step 8: Select the extension’s folder, and then click Select Folder to load the selected extension. That’s it! Your newly installed Edge extension is now ready to use.

Install Edge Extensions in Windows 10 Step8

Install Edge Extensions in Windows 10 Step9

Hope this helps!



  1. Edge Extensions dont work for me says

    I bet it is because i am in a domain, I still cannot figure this out, but each edge extension only creates an empty folder which does not help me, how can I extract the exe into a folder since Windows explorer obviously cant do it for me.

  2. Edge Extensions dont work for me says

    This does not work for me, Everytime I click the exe files for the extensions, an empty folder is created with the name of the extension. The FOLDERS are empty, so when I click to load an extension and click on the folder, it says the extension could not be loaded. EMPTY Folders are being created I have tried to re- download the extensions again, but still they only create empty folders. HELP

  3. david thomas says

    you people must work for Microsoft the edge browser is the worst one I’ve ever you used and I have no plans to ever use it again there are at least 3 better browser that would leave edge sinking in the water where it deserves to until Microsoft make it as good or better than ie 11 I will never use it

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