How To Sign Out In Yahoo! Mail Windows 8 App

Yahoo! Mail may not be the best webmail service out there but it still has a ton of users. Just a week ago, we let you know about the availability of the official Yahoo! Mail app for Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 operating system.

The initial version of Yahoo! Mail comes with a good interface and all the basic features that you would need. By installing and adding your Yahoo! account, you could easily read latest messages and also send messages without having to open your web browser!

Sign Out Yahoo Mail

One of our readers, recently left a comment on our Yahoo! Mail app for Windows 8 article asking how to sign out or log out of the account in Yahoo! Mail app. If you too have installed Yahoo! Mail app in Windows 8 and are looking for the sign out option in the app, you need to follow steps given in this article.

Signing out of your Yahoo! account in Yahoo! Mail is fairly simple. Just like the native Mail app, Yahoo! Mail doesn’t display the sign out option by default and you need to access the same by opening the settings Charm. Complete the given below instructions to sign out your Yahoo! account in Yahoo! Mail app for Windows 8.

Step 1: Launch Yahoo! Mail app.

Step 2: Once the app is launched, move the mouse cursor to the upper or lower right corner of the screen to view the Charms bar. And if you’re on a touch device, simply swipe in from the right-edge of the screen to reveal the Charms bar.

Sign Out in Yahoo Mail app

Step 3: Click on Settings charm and then click Sign Out option to sign out of the account. That’s it!

Sign Out in Yahoo Mail app In Windows 8

And if you don’t like the official Yahoo! Mail app, we suggest you try out the Mail app that ships with Windows 8. The Mail app is pretty good and lets you add and configure your Hotmail, Gmail (see how to add Gmail to Mail app), and Yahoo! webmail accounts in a few steps.



  1. Anne Marie Spears says

    You have switched everyone on to a not so user friendly hot mail service. It is very important to us all to leave things as they are . We all need to work fast and efficient , nothing about this is . It may convince you but not the users, Clanged it back please.

  2. Paula Mosley says

    Had the same problem, no sign out options. I had to remove the account. It worked, but really, who wants to have to do that everytime.

  3. Faymae Javier says

    i am having so much trouble signing out of yahoo. seems like its taking forever to find it. WHY is it too difficult searching where to click while my friends find it so easy to sign out of their Google account? They could just Sign out of Google in just a snap. Please could you guys make it easier on yahoo too????

  4. zmster says

    I wish MS would quit deciding what is convenient for us. To have my mail account available to anyone that sits down to me PC without the ability for me to sign out is totally unacceptable. Thanks for at least others to commiserate with.

  5. Suzan S. says

    Went to settings (windows 8) and clicked on accounts. All that came up is a place to ADD more emails. As has been mentioned here, there is no Sign Out, which is totally UNacceptable.
    There is no option to “remove” accounts either.
    This is some sneaky sh*t.
    What exactly is their purpose in making Signing Out so impossible ?
    I smell a rat.
    Like they want 24/7 access to my email ?

    I shouldn’t have commented here….I’m still too P*ssed Off.

    Maybe I’ll just take my new laptop back to Best Buy and Order them to sign my email out. I don’t care if I look stupid doing that. I will Never be opening my email in windows 8 again.
    I still have my older laptop with windows 6 (?).

  6. Aliasim says

    No sign out option! But I went to accounts, and then remove account. That worked.

  7. Matt Perry says

    The ‘Signout’ option has gone away, both with the default mail program in Win8 and the Yahoo App.


  8. jj says

    This did not work as no “sign out” option appeared in the settings. I had to uninstall the app.

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