7 Best Transformation Packs For Windows 7

There is no doubt that the user interface of Windows 7 is the best among computer operating systems. It’s pretty, glassy, and easy-to-use. But if you are tired of the appearance of your Windows 7, you can try out one of the transformation packs given below.

7 Best Transformation Packs for Windows 7

Though all transformation packs listed below come with an uninstaller to easily remove the pack from your PC, do create a system restore point or system image backup before installing the pack.  If you are not getting the default Windows 7 UI even after uninstalling the transformation pack, use the previously created system restore point to revert to the default look.

NOTE: Click on the download link to proceed to the download page of the setup and then download the correct version (x86 or x64) of the installer for your Windows 7.

1. Windows 8 Skin Pack: If you have decided to skip Windows 8 Developer Preview and still wants to get the look and feel of Windows 8, then this is the best transformation pack to make  your Windows 7 look-alike Windows 8 Developer Preview build. By installing this skin pack, you also get all-new Windows 8 start screen in Windows 7.

Download Page

2. Android Skin Pack: This is the best and only Android transformation pack available for Windows 7.  The pack changes icons, wallpaper, logon screen and even the boot screen. It also adds a launch dock at the bottom of the screen.

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3. iOS Skin Pack: This skin pack is for those PC users who want to taste the iOS 5 on their PCs. Like any other skin pack, it installs wallpapers, icons, logon screen and the boot screen. It also brings OS X Lion style taskbar, dock, and Explorer.

Download Page

4. Windows Phone 7 Mango Skin Pack: Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) has been receiving rave reviews. If you love the next-generation mobile OS UI, then try this skin pack. Windows Phone 7 Mango skin pack includes wallpaper, visual style, cursors, fonts, Metro Start orb, and Metro style icons.

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5. Lion Skin Pack: A perfect transformation pack to get the Mac OS X Lion look in Windows 7. Adds top taskbar, JumpPad, switcher, boot screen, Mac search, fonts, wallpaper, screensaver, visual style and cursors. The total free space required to install this pack is ~110 MB.

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6. Ubuntu Skin Pack: This pack supports Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems. Along with visual style, wallpaper, icons, logon screen and boot screen, the pack also includes free utilities to get some of the best functionalities of Ubuntu in Windows.

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7. Windows 8 Transformation Pack: There are quite a few Windows 8 transformation packs available on the web. This is an up-to-date transformation pack which transforms your Windows 7 into the recently released Windows 8 Developer Preview.

Download Page

Let us know which is you favourite skin pack/transformation pack in comments.



  1. steve says

    ugly ugly ugly !!! No Xp transformation pack for win 7 ! I don’t like win7 gui at all !
    MS has spread gui all over the place ! No clasic start menu no clean taskabr and win 8 is the ugliest ever seen !!! Why was win xp so popular becose how win gui looks like ! Nice clean simple non intrusive gui not win 7 and win alike ! I you want somenthing to compare then LXDEon Linux would be comperable !!! No wonder people hate MS !!!

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