Download Personalization Panel For Windows 7 Starter And Home Basic Editions

Users who have been using Windows 7 Starter or Home Basic edition for a while now probably have noticed that these editions come only with basic personalization features.

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In other words, unlike Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions the Home Basic & Starter editions don’t come with Personalization panel. In fact, you can’t even find the Personalize option in the desktop context menu. So, you are missing one of the best features of Windows 7. Worry not! We have a cool solution to get this feature in Home Basic and Home Premium editions.

Missing Customization Feature in Windows 7 Home Basic

Personalization Panel is a small tool specially made for Home Basic and Home Premium editions of Windows 7 to use the premium features in basic editions.

Personalization Panel for Windows 7[4]

The tool enables you get the following customization features in Starter and Home Basic editions:

# Integrates Personalize option into the desktop context menu

# Lets you change desktop background (wallpaper) in Starter edition

# Enables you change window color

# Gives you access to  Change mouse pointers, Change desktop icons, Display, Ease of Access Center, Taskbar and Start Menu properties, Sounds, Screen savers, and Change your account picture options.

And the good thing about this tool is that it’s a standalone tool, so you can use it without installing it. Find out more about this tool by watching the following video:

Note: You need to have installed UXStyle Core before using this tool.

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  1. kwame says

    pls microsoft should stop producing windows 7 starter and laptop manufacturers should not install it on their products because it absolutely useless.

  2. peter says

    you dont need to install this tool, there is a simpler way in win7 HB, right click on desktop and scroll to view and then uncheck show “desktop icon”. your desktop will be clear, but if you want to clear only the selected one, then you may need this tool.

  3. admin says

    @ All
    I have updated the download page link with the new download link. Please click on the download link given at the end of the article to visit the Personalization Panel download page.

  4. Deepak Biswas says

    Hi Meenal This Is Safe . And Plz Give Me Your Email Id Just mail me ..
    And Pulkit To Download The Personalization Panel For Windows 7 Starter And Home Basic Editions You Have To Click on download Page Which is Given Below.
    Dj Bittu

  5. DravenE says

    Does anyone know what should I do to have the colours changed? bacause every theme i apply does change only the wallpaper…

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