How To Reinstall Windows Media Center In Windows 7

Readers who have been following us on this blog for a month or so may remember our how to reinstall Windows Media Player guide. The procedure to reinstall Windows Media Center is pretty much same as reinstalling Windows Media Player.

Windows Media Center

Like most of other similar features, reinstalling Windows Media Center in Windows 7 is very easy. Here is how to reinstall Windows Media Center in Windows 7:


1. Type appwiz.cpl in Start menu search box and then hit enter to open Programs and Features window.

reinstall windows media center in windows 7

2. In the left pane, click Turn Windows features on or off link.

reinstall windows media center in windows 7 guide1

3. Once the Windows Features window is opened, expand Media Features  and then uncheck the box next to Windows Media Center.

reinstall windows media center in windows 7 guide2

4. Click Ok. You will see “Turning off Windows Media Center might affect other Windows features and program installed on your computer, including default settings. Do you want to continue?” message. Click Yes and then click Ok to start uninstalling Windows Media Center.

reinstall windows media center in windows 7 guide3

reinstall windows media center in windows 7 guide4

5. You will be asked to Reboot your computer. Restart to uninstall Media Center from your PC. If you want to install it again, open Windows Features window by repeating the steps given above.

 reinstall windows media center

6. Expand Media Features, and then check Windows Media Center option.


7. Click Ok to Start installing the feature. Done!



  1. TimB says

    I tried Windows 10 and was not happy so I went back to Windows 7 Pro. After the restore to Windows 7 I could not get Windows Media Center to Record. I tried all the settings I could find to no avail. I then turned of the Media Center in the Windows Control Panel, rebooted, and then turned the Media Center Back on and to my surprise, everything started working great. Thanks.

  2. leslie benn says

    None of Microsoft’s fixes actually work, I decided to give up on Windows add on software, Use Winamp instead. Windows homegroup does not work either nor do any of the fixes that are suggested.

  3. PHILLIP says

    Yes it does the following
    Removes the program
    You reboot and reinstall
    You end up with the same issue
    It does not do a clean reinstall
    So how to you totally remove from drive then put back
    Any ideas anyone ???

  4. jack says

    Just ran into a very similar problem and am posting my results and fix in hopes that perhaps it will save someone a lot of time! I never liked the idea of using MS Media center or its player, but, I have a need to now, so when I tried to click on the box to install Windows media center, I got the message that it did not complete successfully, etc. I tried the clean boot method and everything else. I started examining the CBS log and found that it was complaining about a sharing violation when it tried to create the “ehome” folder… So, I looked and there was NO ehome folder present, and It was driving me nuts! I went to another windows 7 machine and copied the ehome folder, thinking, ok, maybe if i copy it, i can re-register its components and then uninstall and reinstall it. When i tried to copy the folder into the windows directory it said “sharing violation”, I’m like !!!!!!!!!!! sooo, upon futher examination, i tried to create a folder called ehome and same thing. then i found it… there was a EMPTY file called ehome with 0 bytes… deleted that damn thing and then BOOM installation completed just fine. hope this helps someone else.


  5. Cordner says

    I have to say, I’d lost the TV signal on my Dell XPS430 (2009 machine). On Windows 7 Home Premium v6.1,SP1, carrying out these instructions solved my problem – now can see TV again after trying rstarts and running the WMP setup.

  6. colleen nicol says

    Cannot do above as when i try to access turn windows features on or off, it immediately opens a media center window – Most of my applications now open the window center when i try and open them – even printers.

    what is happening

  7. Jason says

    hey thanks man i needed this alot and btw now i can connect it with my xbox 360 thanks alot keep up the good work

  8. Coop says

    Just to let you know that these instructions were right on the money!!! Everything came out ok, thanks :>

  9. Manoj says

    When I click “Turn Windows features on or off” nothing pops down. Cpould you please help me out to fix this problem?

  10. Ultra says

    Thanks so much!
    I never comment on things like this, but this worked so well that I figured I had to!

  11. admin says

    No, you can’t install Media Center in Windows 7 Basic. But you can always install a third-party Media Center named XBMC. It’s good.

  12. KFM says

    is there any way to download windows media centre for windows 7 home basic for free??? pls let me knw.. thnq

  13. Akos says

    I seriously need help. After going through the processes outlined above, I still could not locate media centre. Seems to have disappeared from my laptop. How do get it back? Is it downloadable?


  14. Joel Hepner says

    I cannot set up my Media Libraries in Pictures or Videos as when I reach that point I get an error that always appears whether I downoload the latest data and/or optimize. The error reads in a rectangle on the bottom right: “A necessary component of Windows Media Center did nor start properly. Restart the program. (then an OK box and it never works if I reboot. or restart or anything. I went to the suggested Link (50142) to reinstall and the page is blank. Your suggestion of using the uninstall has NO Media Center line. Just WMC add-in for Silverlight and for Flash (1 each) and Netflix in WMC. My WMC version is 6.1.6701.17514 (Win7 sp1_ETM 101119-1850). I have Windows 7 home premium with an intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo CPU E7500@2,93 Ghz – 8160 MB RAM.

  15. admin says

    Please expand the Media tree to see Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center entries. Do note that Windows Media Center isn’t available in Starter and Home Basic editions.

  16. just_250 says

    i dont have the media center under the media features tab… i have done all the updates and even re installed windows 7. is it possible that because im using a netbook the media center is not compatable or possibly to large of a program? haha i am just trying to link my computer to my xbox so i can watch movies… when i put them on a flash drive i am getting errors.

  17. Abu Nudnik says

    Didn’t work for me but I’ll tell you what will… I ran “optimization” from WMC’s settings.

  18. pradeep says

    there is no option for window media center” under media features.

    I need to install media center.i am using window 7 home edition.Due to some incidence, I uninstalled media center but now i need to install it again but how to install it again and from where?

    plz help..

  19. Carol Pope says

    Thank you for your brilliant instructions on uninstalling Windows Media Center; mine was turning on randomly and giving me error messages about no TV tuner having been installed, and it was driving me crazy! Now, thanks to you, the problem has been resolved, as the settings have gone back to the default ones! Many thanks!

  20. Russell Smith says

    I agree with comments of Alan Mort. It only turns it off and then back on again. Did not cure problem that it had stopped working. Anybody know how to re-install W Medi Centre without completely re-installing windows? I am afraid that if I try to re-install from windows cd it will not just let me repair WMC.

  21. Alan Mort says

    This does not actually reinstall WMC. Instead it turns it off and then turns it back on again, resetting it in the process. The software stays on your PC regardless. If it is corrupt (as mine is) it does not reinstall the software and fix the problems. The only way I can see to do this is to reinstall Windows which is fraught with problems. If anyone knows how to actually put a clean new WMC installation on to Windows 7 without reinstalling the OS I’d be interested in how to that!

  22. krista newkirk says

    i tried what your instructions said about windows media center and it will NOT let me accept the terms and install

  23. deeputhakur says

    with my flout i was downloading a software and it,s half done and i open the software but it need a program to start than i open the software with window media center after when i open all the software then window media center open now i dont know how to solves this probable please help and when i open turn window feathered on or off again WMC opens please help me

  24. josy says


    is the tuner / recorder / media library configuration lost on reinstalling windows media center?


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