Make Windows 7 Transparent With System Transparency Tool

There have been several free tools to customize Windows Vista and Windows 7 transparency level. Some programs even claim to add Aero feature support for Starter and Home Basic editions.


Most of transparency related programs are either paid tools or not efficient. On top that, these programs apply transparency to each and every part of operating system. In other words, they don’t offer the much needed customization options.

  System Transparency for Windows 7

To overcome all these problems, Prisoner at sevenforums has developed a tiny program to add transparency to selected parts of Windows 7.

Transparent Windows Media Player

System Transparency for Windows 7 helps you apply transparency effect to Windows Explorer, right-click and popup menus, task bar, start menu, sticky notes, desktop & icons, Windows Media Player, Firefox and Chrome and Internet Explorer browser as well. You can select one or more areas of Windows 7 to apply the transparency.

Make Windows 7 Basic Themes Transparent

Unlike other similar tools, System Transparency is very minimal on system resources. One can also use this tool to apply transparency to Windows 7 Basic themes as well. And the best part is that you need not to install it to get started.

Download System Transparency



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