Yahoo Mail App For Windows 10/8

Yahoo! has been trying to improve its Yahoo! Mail by offering better interface and features. Over the last couple of months, the the webmail service has received many new features. Recently, it has updated its previously released (first released for Windows 8) app for Windows 10, and users can now download the new Windows 10 compatible app from the Store.

Yahoo Mail app for Windows 10 8

Yahoo! Mail app for Windows 10 features an easy-to-use interface and includes all options that you would expect from a decent email app. Using the app, one can send and receive messages, share photos, videos, & documents, search emails, scan messages in your inbox with continues scroll, and more.

The app also comes with live tiles feature. That is, one can view the new message right on the Start screen when there is a new message arrives to the inbox. Additionally, it also sends out desktop notifications whenever there is a new mail in inbox.

Yahoo Mail for Windows 10

The current version lacks multiple account support, options to adjust the font size, and adjust columns. Yahoo! will certainly introduce these missing features and options in the next release.

By default Yahoo! Mail adds “Sent from Yahoo! Mail for Windows 10” text as your mail signature. To change it or turn off signature, after signing-in, move the mouse cursor to the upper or lower right corner of the screen to open Charms bar, click Settings and then click General.

Yahoo Mail Windows 10

Visit the download link provided at the end of this article and then click View in the Store button to open the link in Store app and finally click Install button to start downloading and installing the app.

Once installed and launched, you will be asked to enter your Yahoo! ID and password. Enter your ID and password and finally click Sign in button to start syncing. Users who don’t have a Yahoo! Mail account could use mail to sign up for Yahoo! Mail by clicking on the Sign up for Yahoo! Mail button.

How to enable second sign-in verification in Yahoo! guide might also interest you.

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  1. DebC says

    I have a windows10 phone (yes, and I generally love it) and downloaded the yahoo email app in Jan. Syncing works fine for reading emails, but I don’t seem to be able to send emails using my Wi-Fi. Someone said you can’t. Is that true (still)?

  2. Ross says

    I obtained my Yahoo mail password from my Mac Book Air where I’m able to access Yahoo mail but when I try the password on Windows 10 Yahoo says it is invalid.

    I would not recommend Yahoo mail to my worst enemy.

  3. Michelle Hazeltine says

    I accidentally uninstalled the Yahoo mail app from my windows 8, I would like to get it back but do not know how. I could not find it in the store, only apps for windows 8.1. I did not see the link that is supposed to be on this page.

  4. Lee Ponder says

    Today yahoo said I must change my password for no good reason. I changed it and now they won’t allow me to sign in with the new password which they approved via text and email to my android. fuck yahoo!!!

  5. ts says

    I just bought a Windows 8 computer and I’m not happy with the Yahoo app.
    I cannot print emails, when I click on the print tab it tells me it cant print from an app.
    I’ve tried to go to a browser and open the email and print (as was suggested above) and still cant print.
    This is really stupid, makes me want to change to some other email option. Yahoo needs to fix this NOW.

  6. Terrsa says

    I installed the free app and got over 200 spam mails in 5 minutes. Some don’t let me trash or spam

  7. Darte says

    To print in Yahoo Mail Windows 8 App you have to hit ctrl p, that’s the only way I have found that works. You would think the would put an icon in the tray for it??? lol

  8. kathryn says

    yahoo does not start on my win8 table. I get “an unknown error occurred. please check your internet connection and try again” message, however I’m connected and accessing other web apps / sites.

  9. Jodi says

    This is probably quite simple, but I’m less than a week new to windows 8. I’ve installed the Yahoo app, but can’t for the life of me figure out how to print an email. I ended up opening yahoo in a browser and printing from there. I’m hoping I don’t need to do that every time I need to print. Is there a print feature I’m missing somewhere?

  10. Bala says

    There is no such thing as a “General” tab under settings. You have to go into “Accounts” and select your account. Then the signature can be modified or turned off. Yahoo! help files skip the step of choosing the “Accounts” and the selecting the desired account. Who wrote these help files for them, anyway?

  11. Cathy Juma says

    I need help! My account has been inaccessible for over 2 weeks.
    Furthermore, My security answer is not accepted and there is no other answer!
    I bought a new computer, several months ago (windows 8) and was accessing my yahoo mail just fine. Then, this problem, all of a sudden???
    I cannot access my mail on my phone either!
    I get a message saying- go to a computer and resolve the issue.
    Trying to resolve the issue only locks my account as, it does not accept my answer to the security question!
    I hoped to download this app and possibly resolve the issue but, I need to know if it will actually be resolved, by doing so?

  12. Ron says

    Where is the logout in Yahoo Mail App for Windows 8? It seems you can not logout. Why? I do not like This. This is a huge problem.

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